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James Nachtwey

24 Nov

James Nachtwey, Sudan, 1993, Famine victim in a feeding center.

James Nachtwey, New York, 2001 – Collapse of south tower of World Trade Center.

James Nachtwey, Alabama, 1994 – Prisoner on the chain gang.

James Nachtwey, Rwanda, 1994, Survivor of Hutu death camp.

James Nachtwey, Chechnya, 1996 – Ruins of central Grozny.

James Natchwey, Indonesia, 1998 – A beggar washed his children in a polluted canal.

James Nachtwey, New York, 2001 – Searching for survivors.


Pour en connaitre plus sur son travail, un  magnifique reportage sur ce photographe de guerre : 


Bref, la base.